Happy first week of spring!

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My second post in the span of 7 days? I'm very proud of myself. Lol. We'll see how long I can keep this up but I figured doing another Thinking Out loud Thursday post would be the best way to go with this.

First of all I just need to mention that I really dislike snow. I get people say it's pretty and all. And I agree that at Christmastime it could be ok but not on the first day of Spring!

Our college closed today which was good but I didn't have that great of a day which I think is from a combination of stress, the annoying snow, forgetting to take my meds this morning (whoops!), and possible PMS?

Also it was really hard coming back to school on Sunday after being at home for a week. But I'm trying to be grateful for the opportunity to go to college and study what I want to rather than complain about it.

Yesterday I hosted a taste testing event with my nutrition club. I baked stuff at home and brought it back to …

Spring Break!

So I'm hibernating this week in my house because it's literally freezing everyday despite the fact that it's supposed to be Spring soon!!!!

Anyway I struggle with writing on the blog consistently and then when I have the time to write I'm not sure what to write about necessarily. So I think I might just give you updates on my life periodically.


Currently taking Medical Nutrition Therapy + lab, Nutrient Metabolism+research project, Christianity in Asia,  and PhilosophyI enjoy my classes and I enjoy learning but I also really enjoy breaks from schoolwork. I'll  be excited when the semester is over. My brother is coming to my college next yr as a freshman so that's excitingI'm planning on living in a 5 person apartment next yr which will definitely be an adjustment from a dorm but I think it'll be good.  


It's been really good to be home and spend time with my mom. My cat Spice (pictured above) who used to live in my room started peei…

Things I have strong opinions about

So my new semester officially started. My college does this weird thing where we take a 3 hr class every day during January. I was in Social Psychology this year which I enjoyed but I'm ready for a different schedule now. I am really grateful that I had so much free time over the past couple months. It helped me to feel rejuvenated. 
I generally don't have strong opinions about things. I tend to go along with the opinions of others pretty easily but there are a few things I do have a very strong opinion about.  Sometimes when I speak about it I can come across as judgmental or harsh and I know that's something I need to work on. However, I wanted to share them here because I'm often better at expressing my thoughts in writing than verbally. 

Fair warning these are my personal opinions, values, and convictions. Please do not take offense at what I say. I have very limited exposure to these matters and the opinions I've formed are based on the environment and teaching …

Intuitive Eating Journey

So I thought I'd share a little update on my journey with intuitive eating. I by no means have this all figured out. I'm always in a learning process with it but I know so much more now than I ever have before. 

Up until 8th grade I never gave eating a whole lot of thought. My mom gave me food to eat. There were certain things I liked eating and certain things I didn't but that was about it. I probably don't remember much about my food habits because I didn't think about them much. 

As I approached middle school there were a bunch of foods I started to restrict that wasn't for the purpose of losing weight or being healthier but rather the result of an irrational fear I had of being poisoned but that's a story for another day. 

Seventh grade I was slowly but steadily cutting out foods in an attempt to get healthier. Became too restrictive. Lost too much weight. Got help from a nutritionist and started a meal plan. That year I stuck to my meal plan really well a…

MLK Weedend Review

This isn't my cat. I just really like cats and this one is adorable so I thought I'd share. 

So last Tuesday I came back to school for what we call J-term. We take a 3hr class everyday for 3 weeks. On the one hand it's nice to have more free time  (although the teachers normally give a lot of homework too) but on the other hand it's really weird to have a lot more unscheduled time on my hands. 

I was really struggling with social anxiety. For me that looks like a mixture between depression, anxiety, and insecurity that I'm socially inadequate or my friends will no longer like me. A common example is when I see one of my friends with another of their friends whom I don't know very well. I feel jealous and physically hurt. 

In my social psychology class (the one I'm currently taking) we learned how we compare ourselves to people and feel threatened if they succeed in areas of life that are valuable to us but if they succeed in areas of life that aren…

Holiday encouragement

Depending on your life situation the holidays may not always be a joyful time. I don't have a lot of extended family and my family dynamic is kinda unpredictable at times so holidays can get me a bit discouraged at times.

 I thought I'd share some things that have really been encouraging me lately. 

Working at the bakery. It helps to have somewhere to go where I can interact with people and feel like I'm doing something useful with my time. Running. I haven't always had a healthy relationship with running but right now I feel like I'm in a pretty good place. It's not something I dread doing anymore but rather something I enjoy and it helps boost my mood and energy. My cat. She lives in my bedroom and cuddles with me at night. Reading books for fun! I stay up to late doing this but we're not going to talk about that right now. Baking and cooking. This is something I really miss at college. There's something really satisfying about being able to plan out an…

Semester in Review

Right so I kinda figured this would happen: that with school starting I wouldn't keep up very well with this blog and I was right. 

But now the semester's officially over which means I'm more than halfway done with my undergrad degree!!! 

Here's a brief update on my life since the last couple months. 


Time management was actually harder for me than normal this semester. I think it had to do with my class schedule. I had weird gaps of time between classes or work which weren't really enough time for me to sit down and focus on getting anything done but just enough time where I felt like I was wasting it. 
Learning to make peace with being average.Since I was in a lot of classes for my major this year I really wanted to make the highest grades I possibly could. Some of my classmates are really smart though and when I compared myself to them I felt like I didn't measure up. All I'm required to do is my best which might mean that I sometime get a B instead o…